California Dinner Cruises
While whale watching is the primary service afforded by Harbor Breeze, it might not be the best choice for larger groups or entire parties. Thankfully, chartering a vessel for a watery adventure of your very own is as easy as calling in to one of our friendly representatives! Whether it’s a party, an event, or anything else you might require, we pride ourselves in being capable of providing a boat to serve your needs.
From the eighty-five foot La Espada, capable of carrying two hundred and fifty people, to the eighty foot yacht Caroline, and the sixty-two foot Harbor King, our fleet has a number of different vessels of many types and sizes for you to pick from. Even the smallest of our boats in terms of capacity, the Caroline, is capable of carrying up to one hundred people, making it easily capable of serving most events.
So don’t wait! Book a cruise today, and chart your own course to adventure for you and your event!

Nikki Ross / Director of Sales

Harbor Breeze Cruises
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